Having grown up perfoming from the age of six and then with my brothers as a King Brother for seventeen years, I am no stranger to appearing in front of an audience, but it has never given me the “buzz” that some people seem to get from it. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy myself when onstage. In fact when up there under the lights at the piano chatting endlessly about myself in “An Evening With Denis King” my wife can often be found in the wings looking at her watch and giving me the “hurry-up”, but I think the reason I have such a nice time is because it’s so informal, I’m not dependent on cues, and I have the freedom to chop and change at will, something one doesn’t have in a structured, rehearsed production, when the strain of keeping one’s concentration can lead to memory lapses, sleepless nights, beta blockers, ginseng elixirs, beetroot inhalants, Transcendental Meditation and a tendency to be sent to the spare room. Denis King

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Black Beauty

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During the whole time he appeared onstage with Maureen Lipman in her one-woman (and one piano player) show "Re:Joyce", Denis screwed up only once.

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