KEY CHANGES - A Musical Memoir

KEY CHANGES by Denis King, with a foreword by Astrid Ronning, is a funny, extremely frank, personal account of the highs and lows of show business, from post-war Twice Nightly Variety to the present day.

In the 1950s and early 60s Denis was a member of Britain’s first boy band, The King Brothers, the youngest Variety act to play the world-famous London Palladium. Since then, Denis has composed over 200 TV themes and collaborated with theatre legends to create over 25 stage musicals. His career has encompassed every aspect of show business from singing and performing to producing and composing, he has experienced success alongside disaster and betrayal, and the artists with whom he has worked read like a who’s who of British and American stage and screen: Tony Bennett, Nina Simone, Howard Keel, Sammy Cahn, Albert Finney, Dame Edna Everage, Maureen Lipman, Elaine Stritch, Dudley Moore, Jimi Hendrix, Ronnie Corbett, Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland... and many more.

But KEY CHANGES is not a potted history or lengthy name-drop, it is actually a highly entertaining, intimate portrait of the grind as well as the glamour in what most people outside the entertainment industry often assume is a charmed way to earn a living. And indeed, according to King, it often is.

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“I’ve known Denis King for many years but in spite of that I would strongly recommend this book.”
Barry Cryer

“Denis King changed my life. I remember seeing The King Brothers on TV and I thought, ‘Yes! I could do that!’ but I was too tall. So I had the operation and the rest is history.”
Bill Oddie

“His skills as racy raconteur and dry-as-a-bone humorist are as legendary as his tinkling fingers and classic compositions.”
Maureen Lipman

"Denis is a trusty friend, a favourite collaborator, a fine musician and a true original. Though what exactly he was originally, I really couldn't say."
Alan Ayckbourn

"The happiest memories of the dearest friend."
Ronnie Corbett

"King's gold!"
John Alderton

“'Standing On The Corner', yes, one of the great records of that year. Or that month, certainly. I know Elvis borrowed a lot of tricks from The King Brothers.”
Michael Palin

"Raconteur! Writer! Wit! Actor! Wild swimmer! And joanna-player to die for. Crap cook."
Pauline Collins

"Denis is a witty anecdotalist and the stories he tells are funny, poignant and eye-opening. Mostly. Sometimes."
His Wife

Key Changes

Black Beauty

Fact of the Day

A dedicated year round outdoor swimmer, Denis enthusiastically submerged himself in Highgate Ponds despite the fact that--as his wife, incredulous, informed him--it was so cold London Zoo had had to bring its penguins indoors.

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